WORLD EXPO 2020 – “Emerging Technologies for WORLD EXPO 2020″

WORLD EXPO 2020 provide efficient support especially to SMEs and to connect them quickly with the right partners

“Emerging Technologies for WORLD EXPO 2020″ – Challenges & Coverage… Ambassador Programs …. World Expo 2020

World Expo 2020 – Challenges & Coverage for your Worldwide Meeting News..
“Emerging Technologies for WORLD EXPO 2020″
Organization, Individuals, Expats  etc  will be exposed in the world markets, especially in Dubai to participate Dubai World  Expo 2020.Challenges & Coverage  to highlight the current state of  Information and Communications Technology in the world today, and stress on its relevance to national development, promote awareness of (current) global  research activities in key areas, and encourage research collaboration between industry, academe, government and private institutions. These areas of interest are E-Governance, E-Learning, Knowledge Management and Game Development.Only WE2020 is having  on-line ambassador programmes such as NRI Exposure, Expats promotions for Philippines and other Asian countries, which will  be connected with  a World  Virtual Expo platform.Ambassador Programs invite The Master of Fabric Art, Celtic Heart Knitting and Quilting, Weaving Spirit 2020,  Tats a Kool Challenge, Handicrafts Challenges etc…
Participants and Exhibitors will get opportunities to exhibit in VIRTUAL EXPO platform  which is the top ranking Online Exhibition Platform in the World. Lot of special packages are available to promote products, universities, student exchange programs, healthcare programs through out the world, GCC Countries until Dubai World  Expo 2020.5 reasons to partner with World Expo 2020:Advantage WE2020: WE2020 offers over 170,000 hotels in 110 countries, high commissions on every sale and long lasting cookies to help you make the most of your traffic.Impeccable Customer Experience: With its award winning design, the WE2020 website offers an impeccable customer experience and resulting high conversion.Versatile Technology: WE2020 has the most advanced tools which are sophisticated yet easy to use. We will work with you to determine the best ones, and directly  integrate them onto your site.Multilingual: WE2020 tools, conferences, exhibitions, helathcare,  hotel descriptions, products support more than 37 languages press releases and currencies. Allowing your site to be customized to specific regions.Partner support: WE2020 partner support offers a dedicated rapid-response team of affiliate experts. Send a mail to:


Germany : Portfolio of German companies! Germany in World Expo 2020

New product range from IKA: immersion and circulating thermostats

Temperature control systems with remote wireless operation

IKA expands its product portfolio to include immersion and circulating thermostats. The IC immersion circulator is a classic bridge thermostat. The HBC 5 and HBC 10 are heating bath circulators with a maximum     capacity of five and ten liters, respectively.       The   detachable wireless controller (WiCo– an innovation never before seen in such temperature control systems – enables users to control all key parameters from a distance of up to 10 meters.
IKA-Werke GmbH & Co. KG
Media Contact: Kathy Smith,

WORLD EXPO 2020 Press Releases: Arab Health 2014 – North German Evening
WORLD EXPO 2020 provide efficient support especially to SMEs and to connect them  with the right partners  across the globe.

Networking event jointly organized by Norgenta North German Life Science Agency  and the Hamburg Representative Office UAE/Healthcare Industry Service Centre in partnership with Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Hamburg Chamber of Commerce was attended by more than 150 business people from the UAE and Northern Germany.

Germany is a global leader in healthcare and North German expertise in the field of medical and bio-technologies , life science  and pharmaceuticals draws a lot of interest from the local market.Many of the companies of the North German healthcare and life science industry, such as Dräger Medical, Olympus, and Eppendorf, are global players with a long history.

But internationally recognized scientific institutions such as the Bernhard-Nocht-Institute as well as the University  Hospitals of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein also characterize German  healthcare sector. Over decades – in some cases  over centuries – they have all created the basis for today’s success. The direct link between science and research  as well as the broad clinical application of their results makes Northern Germany, together with its companies, a unique location
for health care and life sciences. Contact:


Cellagon with Anke Haalck:
Success in sports in based on three pillars: training, diet and mind. We have developed Cellagon T.GO to cover the needs-based nutrition of active sportsmen and –women. T. GO combines all the requirements of a sport-related diet, as it contains not only a sensible mixture of carbohydrates, but also the nutrition-related, quickly absorbable proteins, the right fats and many substances more. In addition, Cellagon T. GO contains, among other things, extracts of ginseng and rhodiola rosea. The adaptogens (from the Latin: adaptare = adjust) which these contain are said to increase the resistance of the organism against mental and physical exhaustion.

In particular for athletes, the consumption of alkaline foods is important. Here too, Cellagon T.GO fulfils every requirement as, thanks to the many extracts of fruit and vegetables it contains, Cellagon T.GO is an excellent alkaline supplier.

If goes without saying that, once prepared as a drink, Cellagon T.GO is isotonic and therefore available to the body in its most suitable form.

visit: World Virtual Expo 2020 and connect them quickly with the right partners across the globe.

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